Rising above the noise: Using statistics-based reporting

Welcome to an online resource of how to distinguish noise from numbers in science and medical research, and in your own writing. This site was born out of a conference session at the annual National Association of Science Writers meeting in 2013.

Check out our contributors:
Hilda Bastian, National Institutes of Health, editor; Scientific American, blogger
Evelyn Lamb, University of Utah, mathematician; Scientific American, blogger
Regina Nuzzo, Gallaudet University, associate professor of statistics; freelance writer
John Allen Paulos, Temple University, author and professor of mathematics

Our session will take place on Saturday, November 2, 2013 at the Conference Center in Century Ballroom A

The takeaways will include: necessary vocabulary for talking about statistics, a framework for understanding how numbers can be manipulated, a checklist to ensure quality data, and, not least, examples of stories built solidly with statistics. Statistics is not a “catch-phrase” for serious journalism. It is key for better reporting and better story-telling.

**PRIZE GIVE-AWAY AT 4:50 P.M.** We know that your minds will be packed with new ideas, knowledge and “to-do” items by the end of the first day. That’s why we are reserving the last 10 minutes or so for a special “prize giveaway” for those in attendance! A reward for staying till the bitter end, should we say!

Statistics. Photo by Kathleen Raven

Statistics. Photo by Kathleen Raven


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